• Queerdome Logo

    The Queerdome is a collaborative project to bring a queer-centered, psychedelic harm-reduction space to the heart of the Queerborhood at Burning Man. The space will be hosted at Comfort & Joy Village, and will be staffed by a team of over 100... Learn more

  • Burners Giving Back

    Comfort & Joy is again hosting our annual fundraiser to benefit the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Food Bank. Your support brings much-needed funds into the tribal community, allowing the love we feel and experience on Playa to spread even... Learn more

  • Great WhatEveryThing

    For 15 years, Comfort & Joy has been providing respite to wayward desert queers and their friends. What started in the back of a box truck has grown into the massive and welcoming Comfort & Joy Village that we all enjoy today. From our... Learn more