The Queerdome is a collaborative project to bring a queer-centered, psychedelic harm-reduction space to the heart of the Queerborhood at Burning Man.


The space will be hosted at Comfort & Joy Village, and will be staffed by a team of over 100 volunteer trained sitters, psychologists, and other medical professionals from across the community.

We are working under the guidance of MAPS, who have a long history of providing psychedelic harm-reduction services on the playa and at festivals around the world, and our offering is modeled after their Zendo Project. We have a strong core team of passionate and experienced individuals, including medical and mental health professionals, as well as deep experience in harm-reduction work.

Examples of how the funds we raise will be used include

  • Procuring a space
  • Supplies (cushions, air conditioning/heat, other comforts)
  • A dedicated portable toilet
  • Storage/transportation costs
  • Marketing & promotions

Comfort & Joy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is facilitating donations to support this project, which means your contributions are fully tax-deductible.