Comfort & Joy is place where people can be Queer, Authentic, Connected & Creative!

General Donations

How fabulous of you to top up your annual giving with a tax deductible "Glitter Done" donation. Please if you have it, don't forget to access your work's matching program! A tax deduction receipt will be automatically generated and sent to your email address. Eventbrite charges 5% fees, though for a no fee donation, go to Facebook and select the donate button there.

You can also donate through Paypal via this button:

For paper checks, please make themĀ out to "Comfort & Joy", and mail them to 2261 Market Street #214A; San Francisco, CA 94114.

For donations "in kind", please email to arrange the tax deduction letter and logistics.

Amber's Community Pantry

To help combat the COVID-19 pandemic and give much-needed food and sundries relief to our communities, we started Amber's Community Pantry. We have filled many requests for orders of necessities and continue to donate to Black Lives Matter during marches with food, water, and other items to help in the fight for equity and justice. Learn more about Amber's Community Pantry.

Our Accomplishments

Over the last few years, we put ourselves to work more than ever with many amazing and fabulous accomplishments in San Francisco, Black Rock City and beyond. "Glow in the Streets" is our street party celebrating Halloween and the safe, queer, artistic occupancy of a central, Castro public space. "Freak Chic" showcased a number of local, queer artists. Other activities your support can help with include: queer leadership development, supporting artists, and underwriting the art, performance and infrastructure for our events in San Francisco and Black Rock City.