@ the Burn

Comfort & Joy is a queer community and arts collective. Our annual journey to Burning Man was our original reason for coming together and remains at the heart of who we are.

On the Burning Man playa we become a family. As queers, we often come from biological families where we are not accepted or where we cannot fully be our true selves. As such, our main value is that we are welcoming of people as they are. We combine that acceptance with an encouragement for people to find their best and most fabulous selves. Part of that journey comes through art which plays an outsized role in our camp. We believe that art gives us life and joy and that we all have an artist lurking inside.

At Black Rock City, we don’t simply celebrate, we also aim to provide a space that is comfortable and safe. Burning Man is an opportunity for people to step outside of daily routines, something that is both exciting and sometimes scary. By making comfort and safety a priority, we allow for vulnerability. From that vulnerability, we encourage people to explore themselves and what type of society they wish to create both at Burning Man...and carry back to the default world outside Black Rock City.


Burning Man Campers

—2023 Applications Open—