Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 1:15pm

Club Six
60 6th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States

Gas up your guillotines, gurls. Runaway greed, corruption and global aristocrats' disregard for the rest of humanity hangs over us all like a spectre. With each passing day, the people’s desire for reform and rebellion intensifies.

For this Touch edition, we call forth the spirit of the legendary uprising, the French Revolution, and all revolts against tyranny! Let us join together to embody Liberté, Fraternité, Égalité – fighting for our right to party, frolic and connect in any way we choose. Your disco needs you!


The revolutions are coming at 120bpm or better, so drag your les miserables asses out to storm the dance floor.

We’re delighted to feature couple d'amoureux powerhouses Jimmy DePre and Jeremy Rosebrook of GO BANG! and GET BUSY who will be serving up a heaping feast of soulful house music drenched with disco, along with our amazing resident Allen Craig, SF underground veteran and Moulton Music co-founder.

Free your booty, and your mind will follow!

Revolutionary décor courtesy of day glow pioneer Chickpea (Brian Busta), Zak Plum, Steve Dudek and more!


At 11:30pm, rabble-rouser captain Mama Dora (Dora M Ama), royal drag queen TYE (Tye), and Grammy-nominated violist and vocalist Keith Lawrence will instigate a riot of transcendent fabulosity.


Relax and recharge during the long journey into night in the Cuddle Castle, courtesy of our artistic collective of Hunter Fox, Bernadette Bohan, Blu (Jay Sterling Austin, David Ng, Danny Ryan and Oscar Gallegos, while relaxing to the chill grooves of Ivan Ruiz.

Kamran Adib, Joshua + Anna Katz and Dillon Rodriguez will be painting faces, to help you embody your nomme de guerre.

Drink tea with Phoenix (Brendan Neff-Hall) and reflect on the plight of the Petit Bourgeosie.

Lavish in your abundance or relieve the stress of fighting oppression with soothing massage by Scott Robinson.

Capture your glory, whether you be an opulent aristocrat or proletariat rebel, at our marvelous resident photographer Dot’s (PhotosByDot) photobooth.


Ready your thrust and parry! Stick it to the noblesse! Venture downstairs and you will submit to the will of the people. Dam Dyke (Matt Cottrill) shall be creating a space both wide open and full of nooks and crannies, perfect for subversive acts. Instigating soundtrack courtesy of J. Maximilian (Joshua Smith) and Xander (Alex Westhoff). Let us eat cakes!

Comfort & Joy is here for you: if you ever need support or have concerns at our parties, please find one of our 'vibe-raters' (purple glow collars) or a house manager (pink glow collars). We want to make sure everyone gets through the night feeling healthy and respected. As always, please communicate before touching!

Other Information

Phenomenal photographer Devlin Shand and phenomenal videographer Matti Bautista will be roaming around documenting from the front lines

Grapes and other refreshments served on platters, courtesy of the bodacious Beonda Lloyd and her servers

Free Welcoming Hugs (optional)

Full Clothes Check Available

This party is 21+. Our apologies to the youngsters

Viva la revolución!