Camper Cost-share

Playa pilgrimage preparation is underway to weave a magical tapestry of love, acceptance, and joy. Help us channel our collective energy to build a boundary transcending village that is a beacon of Queer voices, and where we queerify the ƒuck out of Black Rock City like never before!

It is more important than ever to light up our queer beacon and turn our queer dreams into shared realities!

Building a village in a barren desert is EXPENSIVE!!

To create a society that runs without money within a default society, costs more than the default time we gift – only this reminds us how dependent we are on food, water, showers, electricity, infrastructure, music, dance, and COMMUNITY!

This year Comfort and Joy’s cost per camper is $1,044. Comfort and Joy worked its sequined socks off to bring your cost of the cost share to $568 - an investment in love, laughter and unforgettable playa nights.

We are asking each of you for a 50% ($268) deposit by June 30. If you are able to pay your full camp dues, please do! We understand that we all represent a range of incomes. If you require financial consideration please reach out to ICARUS@PLAYAJOY.ORG as soon as possible and no later than Jun 30, 2023 so that we can work out arrangements. Your deposit helps us pay advance expenses like booking our water delivery and pumping, electrical generator and everything else that it takes to bring our dayglow rainbow village out to playa.

All camp dues are due by Friday August 4th.

COVID’s been a tough diva, forcing our favorite queer sanctuary, Comfort & Joy, to the brink. Without our glittering fundraisers, we’ve lost crucial coins. We need your sparkle to keep us shimmering. The future of Comfort & Joy on Playa and in the default world depends on our contributions.

If you can swing it, toss in an extra $100, $500, or add a few more dazzling zeros?

We're not just asking for change; we're asking for change. Your generosity is our camp's lifeblood. You will eternally be our Camp Daddy, Mommie Dearest, or Grandy Queerest. Remember – a little extra glitter goes a long way.

Can't give more?. Your love is priceless, and there a many ways to contribute

Let’s keep the rainbow GLOWING.

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