@ the Burn

Comfort & Joy is a vibrant and inclusive queer community that finds its essence in the annual pilgrimage to Burning Man, and the profound connections forged there.

Within the expansive Playa, we cultivate an atmosphere of familial belonging, rooted in the ten principles that shape the fabric of this transformative experience. Many of us hail from backgrounds where our true identities are not fully embraced within our biological families. Consequently, our core principle lies in embracing individuals as they are, fostering a space where everyone feels accepted alignment with the principle of Radical Inclusion. But our aspirations reach beyond acceptance alone; we encourage each person to unearth their most extraordinary and authentic selves, reflecting the principle of Radical Self-expression. While embracing Decommodification, we Gift our village to Black Rock City through Communal Effort, many times by tapping into our Radical Self-reliance.

In the bustling realm of Black Rock City, our purpose extends beyond mere revelry. We strive to create a comforting and safe environment that fosters Participation and Immediacy, recognizing that the Burning Man experience offers a departure from the mundane routines of daily life—a thrilling yet intimidating prospect! By prioritizing comfort and safety, we create a haven where vulnerability is embraced. From this place of openness, we empower individuals to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery.

We nurture a sense of Civic Responsibility, where each member actively contributes to the well-being of our community and the Burning Man experience as a whole. We also instill a deep respect for the environment, Leaving No Trace of our presence as we navigate the Playa.

Together, we celebrate the transformative power of Burning Man while carrying its ethos into our lives, forging connections, and building a community that extends far beyond the desert landscape. Our individual dreams of acceptance, understanding, and unity weave into a shared vision as we, the queer community, imagine a world beyond the boundaries of Black Rock City - a world where we are the norm, not the exception! A world where the vibrancy of our identity reintegrates seamlessly into the default society, painting a brighter, more colorful, and inclusive picture of humanity!


Burning Man Campers

—2023 Applications Open—