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So what is “Taoist Erotic Massage” anyway?

August 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Hey everyone – Dharma here. That’s me in the picture. I’ve got my hair dyed pink, my goggles in the bag, and I’m looking forward to my 9th (!) year on the playa. This is also the 6th year I’ve taught something called “Taoist Erotic Massage” at Black Rock, and since a few people have been asking, here’s a little info about this Comfort & Joy fave.

Basically the workshop is an ultra-condensed form of a type of massage developed by the Body Electric School, which has been exploring new avenues of eroticism and intimacy for almost two decades. It combines breathwork (on the part of the receiver) and a sequence of erotic massage techniques which stimulate erotic energy but don’t expend it in ejaculation. The result is often a heightened erotic state some people call a “full body orgasm,” which can go on for many minutes and can lead to all kinds of ecstasies, insights, and even spiritual experiences.

In the Body Electric workshops, these techniques are learned over a two-day weekend workshop which explores intimacy, eroticism, and personal growth. On the playa, we’ve got two hours. So, we learn a shortened version just of the massage part, and change the rules a little bit: partners just work on one another, and the massage is a bit shorter. However, as past participants can tell you (and hopefully will in the comments!), the workshops are incredibly powerful, hot (in all senses of the word…), and, for some, deeply healing and transformative. A lot of guys who have done the Burning Man workshop have gone on to do Body Electric, and integrated these new forms of eroticism into their own lives.

A few guiding principles if you’re thinking of coming to the workshop:

– Givers of massage may be of any sex, receivers must have a penis. (One of the most powerful parts of this workshop is how gay, straight, & everyone else share erotic space together.)

– You can come with a partner or try your luck at the workshop. Usually, about a dozen people come partnerless to each workshop, so you’ll do ok. BTW, you’ll find it really doesn’t matter whether the person you’re working on/ who’s working on you is “your type” or not. Some of the best and deepest massages come from, or are given to, people you might not ordinarily hook up with. That’s part of the learning.

– The only contact between partners is the massage. This isn’t sex. The giver of massage is not getting stimulated; it’s all about the receiver. (That said, giving can be even hotter and more powerful than receiving.)

– There is no contact between participants other than the massage. This isn’t group sex — other workshops are! Boundaries are maintained and respected. We even ask that givers not look around the room — receivers can feel it when you’re not tuned in.

– Yes, sometimes people spooge, and that’s okay. It’s not the point but it happens. Yes, the workshop involves 40-80 people naked and hard. No, spectators are not allowed. No cameras either (duh).

– Bring a towel and WetOnes for optimal pleasure. Pee ahead of time. Some people like to be blindfolded – bring a bandana or blindfold if you like.

– Last year we had a line around the block a full hour before the workshop started. So, come early!

– Unfortunately, we don’t have time to do two full workshops, so you’ll either give or receive, but not both. Both are hot – trust us.

– Hygiene is also respected. Teachers/assistants Purell their hands between working on participants. The workshop doesn’t work on feet, or butts. And maybe you’ll bring some breath mints to gift to participants?

So – there’s some stuff. See you Thursday at 2 or Friday at 1!

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